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Musician Scott Stobbe  

Scott Stobbe

Musician and Composer


Full Website Design


User Experience

Scott Stobbe is a talented musician, composer and teacher who needed a rebrand and website. This aesthetic was inspired by 1930s jazz posters giving a nod to a genre which is very much part of his musical style. I used rich, deep vibrant tones to celebrate this beautiful musical heritage. Through the process of creating his merchandise page I also created mockups to better showcase his books, sheet music and CDs which are mostly in digital format. I aimed to improve the user experience and help better represent the talented musician Scott is. 

"If you need a web-designer I highly recommend Katie Nehls. I love the work that she did on my site. She is professional, knowledgeable, she promptly responds to input when you are her client and she has a lot of marketing experience as well."

Scott Stobbe - Musician and Composer

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